Home theaters are home entertainment systems, preference of millions of people now which provide consumers with an exciting audio visual experience at their own convenience. However, buying a home theater may generate many questions to one’s mind before selecting the systems. Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions, to help you.


How many speakers do I need for a home theater system?

Most home theaters consist of six speakers. Those speakers are a center speaker, one each of a left and right speaker, one each for left and right rear surround speakers and a sub-woofer. So you will need five main speakers and a powered sub-woofer in addition.

What do I need for a home theater? / What are the basic home theater components?

The most basic system consists of three components. Somewhat in order of importance those three components are a good, preferably LARGE video display -- you'll want to complement that with a digital surround sound system -- and you will need a DVD player for a video source.

Should I Get a Video Projector or a Television for my Home Theater?

Any modern television can be used in a home theater system. In essence, if you already own a good, working, television that has at least standard audio and video connections in addition to a standard cable or antenna connection, you have at least a basic way of viewing television and DVD images. The question is whether you need to upgrade to a more advanced television, or, in home theater lingo, a video display device.

Do you provide consultation for home theater systems?

Yes we do. We will visit your place and study the situation of the location. We will then give you the best suitable audio - video systems and sitting arrangement. We also provide consultation for making the room soundproof. All you need to do is contact us at your earliest convenience.

Do you have references on hand at our request?

Yes. We have worked for over 600 clients, both personal and corporate setups and can certainly provide client references on requests.