Neon Home Theatres is one of leading companies in private home theatre design, whole-home electronics and turn-key installation.

With immense industry experience, we believe that the most successful projects are a combination of outstanding design with comprehensive and easy functioning technology.

With a skilled staff of designers and technicians along with experienced and expert collaborators, Neon Home Theatres stands apart as the best resource for the planning and designing of world class home cinemas.

Our expertise in Audio & Video Integration and Home Entertainment market places us in a unique position by ensuring an end to end One stop solution for all a client’s needs.

We can deliver complete services at all price point form in:

  • Client Interfacing and Customizing Solutions
  • Interior Design According Audio Video Needs
  • Product Selection and Supply
  • Acoustic Design Expertise
  • Installation Expertise
  • Project Management and Coordination
  • Warranties and Maintenance

Our Collaborators includes professionals from the fields of:

  • Architecture
  • Interiors
  • Acoustics
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Systems Automation
  • Fabrication


This blend of in-house talent allows us to ensure every project is designed and build to the best standards and examples of Dynamics, Technology, Creativity and Dependability. We work through from conception to completion on every project.

We are also well-suited and experienced in working with our collaborators which consists architects, interior designers and contractors, adding technical support for the highest level of customer service.

Glide through our website for some of the projects done by Neon Home Theatres and what we can do for you and your home theatre system design.